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Horizontal Filter Layout

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Custom Features

Sticky Filter

Worry no more about losing your customer in huge collections of products, Sticky Filters engage your customer in a more satisfying shopping experience. It follows them as they shop, and of course, help them choose the right product whenever required. Example:

Boostcommerce Features - Sticky Filter

Hidden Filter (Show/Hide)

There's almost no limitation when it comes to the need to control your filters' visibility. You can hide the filter by default to save your space, then have a button to subtly show/hide the filter, just like this store:

Boostcommerce Features - Hidden Filter(Show/hide)

Custom Range Slider

Range sliders can do wonder to help your customer find exactly what they're looking for without missing out on other feasible options. Acknowledging that, we offer to build custom range slider base on option, tag or even meta fields. Example:

Boostcommerce Features - Custom Range Slider